Transplant in Phuket

transplant in phuket

Hair Transplant is also called as Hair Restoration.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) which is also called as Follicular Transfer (FT), is one of two key methods of hair transplant treatment.

The hair transplant with the FUE technique consists in extracting the patient’s hair individually and transplanting them in the area with baldness. This method uses instruments less than 1 millimeter in diameter, so the scars are practically imperceptible and do not require suturing.

After the procedure in Hair Medical Restoration, your transplanted hair will continue to grow naturally. Alopecia is treated in women and men.

Patients resume their rhythm of life once the hair transplant surgery is finished, with only a sensation of dermatological excoriation.

When are the results of the hair transplant seen?

After the intervention a natural process of hair loss called hair effluvium is generated, which usually occurs in the first weeks after the transplant.

After the intervention, recovery is immediate. The micrografts evolve very fast, from the fifth month onwards there is a considerable improvement in the appearance of the treated area, being much more visible after the seventh month. After a year we consider that the area is completely recovered.

Is the transplanted hair permanent or does it fall over time?

The transplanted hair comes from areas that are not subject to the action of the active biological metabolite of the hormone testosterone, DHT or Dihydrotestosterone which is the hormone responsible for hair loss, so it will have a much longer, almost permanent life.

Are scars left in the area of the hair implant?

The healing is very good, if the head is shaved they are not visible, there is no permanent linear scar or suture.

With FUE even after several sessions, the donor area seems to be only a little less dense than it was before, but this is only evident if an observation is made at very close range.

Can the hair be transplanted from the head to another area or vice versa?

With the technique, It was not limited to the areas of the body from which hair can be extracted to make implants.

If you are planning for Hair Transplant treatment in Phuket, Thailand, here we present you some of the best hospitals in Phuket.

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•    Yanhee International Hospital

•    Hairsmith Clinic

•    HHH Natural Hair Transplant Center

•    Preecha Aesthetic Institute

•    Nexus Wellness

•    Vanity Aesthetics

•    Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation